Pregnancy & Infants


Your pregnancy will bring about a great deal of changes. Not only is your whole body changing, you are also beginning to plan for changes in your home, work and in all of your relationships.

Massage is the perfect way to be good to yourself while you are pregnant. Although most of your attention is on the baby-on-the-way, Keep in mind that you are now responsible for the health and happiness of two people.


I offer individual Infant Massage Sessions in order to teach parents the ancient art of massaging, communicating and bonding with their baby. Studies show that touch is just as important to babies as eating and sleeping.

Classes last 30-60 minutes.

Cost is $55 per session. (Sometimes we may need an additional session depending on your baby’s reaction to the massage.)

I suggest both parents or caregivers attend if possible.

Your baby should be between 3 weeks and crawling for optimal results and receptiveness.

Post Pregnancy

Adjusting to life after your baby is born may take a little while and will be challenging. Remember to care for yourself so that you are able to give your baby the best of you!

For your convenience, you may bring your baby with you to your massage. Your baby may lie with you on the table or rock peacefully in the massage room’s infant swing.